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Featured alongside Sherlock Holmes in the pages of the “Strand” magazine, The Tales of Max Carrados is about the escapades of an omniscient blind amateur detective with a wry sense of humour.

The beneficiary of a large inheritance from an American relative, Carrados is foremost a gentleman who undertakes sleuthing only as an avocation. Though equipped with a keen observer in the perfect manservant Parkinson, the blind Carrados does not merely sit around deducing: he makes his own observations with ears, nose and fingertips. Carrados makes a point of noticing what others don’t, in his case precisely because, as he says, “I have no blundering, self-confident eyes to be hoodwinked.” Instead he uses careful deduction, his four other senses, and the well-trained eye of his manservant.

Read by Arthur Darvill (Broadchurch, Legends of Tomorrow & Doctor Who) and featuring music by acclaimed composer Jon Nicholls, these adaptations were originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra in 2011.

The five stories included in this set are The Coin Of Dionysius, The Knight’s Cross Signal Problem, The Tragedy At Brookbend Cottage, The Last Exploit Of Harry The Actor and The Game Played In The Dark.

Part One – The Coin Of Dionysius
In “The Coin of Dionysius” we first meet the suave sleuth Max Carrados, as he is called on by old friend Louis Carlyle to help determine whether an old coin is real or a clever fake. What Louis doesn’t know, is that due to an accident, Max is now blind. But that doesn’t stop Max from proving, in some style, just how much he ‘sees’ and how formidable an amateur private detective he could become.

Part Two – The Knight’s Cross Signal Problem
In “The Knight’s Cross Signal Problem” blind amateur private detective Max Carrados is called upon to discover the truth behind a shocking train disaster. Was the driver at fault, or did the signal-man get it wrong? As Max investigates, it soon becomes clear to him, if not to his friend Louis Carlyle, that some much more nefarious is going on.

Part Three – The Tragedy At Brookbend Cottage
In “The Tragedy At Brookbend Cottage” Max Carrados, the blind amateur private detective, is called away to the London suburbs in order to help prevent the death of a friend’s sister. Mystery is piled upon mystery…what is the relevance of the kite and the tram lines? What does the urgent telegram say? Why is there a metal plate bolted to the bedroom floor by the bay windows? Max knows, but can he stop the machinations of a dastardly husband?

Part Four – The Last Exploit Of Harry The Actor
In “The Last Exploit of Harry the Actor” blind amateur private detective Max Carrados learns of a series of mysterious thefts, disappearances and fraids at the noted and supposedly impregnable Lucas Street Depository. Along with his friend Louis Carlyle, his valet, the manager of the vault and numerous other clients, he soon discovers that the infamous American con-man Harry the Actor has been at work…but to what end?

Part Five – The Game Played In The Dark
In “The Game Played In The Dark” Max Carrados, blind amateur sleuth and all-round gentleman, is contacted by the British Museum about a horde of stolen ancient coins. On the lookout for the coins, he is intrigued by the approach of an Italian lady who takes him from the safety of his study to a meeting with some recognisable former adversaries. But just when they think they have the drop on Max, he manages to turn the tables. Just who will win “The Game Played In The Dark”?









ISBN: 978-1-78196-244-2    CDs: Two 


UK :: £10.99

includes postage and packing

OVERSEAS :: £13.99

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Abridged by Paul Kent
Music & Sound Design by Jon Nicholls
Edited by Tanja Glittenberg
Produced/directed by Neil Gardner
A Ladbroke Productions (Radio) series for BBC Radio 4Extra, originally broadcast in 2011
A Spokenworld Audio/Ladbroke Audio release